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Technical Grade Industrial Gelatin Powder 25kg/Paper Bag Multiple Use

USD2000-5500 Per Ton
Technical Grade Industrial Gelatin Powder 25kg/Paper Bag Multiple Use
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Place Of Origin: Henan Luohe
Brand Name: Anchi Gelatin
Package: 25kg/Paper Bag
CAS: 9000-70-8
Form: Powder
High Light:

Industrial Gelatin Powder 25kg/Paper Bag


Technical Gelatin 25kg/Paper Bag


Industrial Gelatin Powder Multiple Use

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA LUOHE
Brand Name: SUNRI
Certification: ISO
Model Number: Food grade
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 25kg/bag
Delivery Time: 12 work day
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 3000 MT Per Year
Product Description

Anchi Gelatin Stable Quality Technical Grade Industrial Gelatin Powder



Because of its structure and the presence of ionic charges along the chain, Anchi Gelatin has a very good solubility and exhibits water-binding capacity. Gelatin swells either in cold or warm water, and can bind up to 10 times its own weight of water. High concentration solutions (up to 50%) can be obtained using various methods. To reach total solubilization in a short time, gelatine requires rather low temperature from 50-60 to 90-95°C. Gelatine is practically insoluble in common organic solvents.


Gelatin solutions show a workable viscosity even at low temperature (50- 70°C) compared to other hydrocolloids, for which introduction rates are limited. They exhibit the properties of a Newtonian fluid above 40°C. A concentrated gelatin solution can be kept at 55 - 60°c for 4 to max. 6 hours without significant degradation. Beyond this time and temperature, the gelatine properties can be degraded all the more if solution pH is acid (below 5) or alkaline (above 8), or if concentration is low.


A gelatin solutions sets below a given temperature, typically between 20 and 29°C. This

Setting temperature depends on the gelatin type, the concentration, its gel strength and viscosity. This gelation process is due to a rearrangement of individual molecular chains into a more or less ordered network of helical arrangements. Gelatin gels are viscoelastic materials with the properties of both solid and liquid. Resilience and hardness of gelatine are given by Bloom level and viscosity.



Anchi gelatines, delivered in grain or powder form, is stable during storage provided that it is kept away from heat and moisture, preferably below 35°C (95°F) and below 70% relative humidity.


When stored in the previously mentioned conditions and in its original unopened packaging, Anchi gelatines will maintain their initial properties for at least 2 years.





Items Standards
Appearance Yellow or yellowish granular
Gel Strength (6.67%) 300 +/- 10
Viscosity (6.67%,60℃) 3.5- 5.5
Transparency (5%, mm) 300 Min
Ash 2% Max
SO2 40 mg/kg Max
pH 4.5- 7.0
H2O2 10 mg/kg Max
Water Insolubles 0.1% Max




Technical Grade Industrial Gelatin Powder 25kg/Paper Bag Multiple Use 0


Technical Grade Industrial Gelatin Powder 25kg/Paper Bag Multiple Use 1


Technical Grade Industrial Gelatin Powder 25kg/Paper Bag Multiple Use 2



Thanks to its wide variety of functions and easy use, Anchi gelatine is also a major component or essential processing aid in a large number of industries (imaging, paint balls, electrowinning, paper, matches, plastics, wood etc..).


Gelatine: a key component for the Imaging Technology


Beside its excellent filmability and coatability properties, gelatine behaves as a good dispersing agent under liquid state thanks to a proper range of viscosity, while it behaves as a good binding agent under gel state thanks to its jelly strength.


On top of that, its capability to crosslink with many kinds of chemicals is useful to ensure a good dimensional stability to the thin layers.


In the conventional area of applications, i.e. silver halide technology, each layer has a specific role which requires specific properties offered by the range of grades that Anchi has developed purposely:


  • Emulsion grades, which are especially inert photographically, for all the applications where gelatin is in contact with the silver halide crystals
  • Bulk gelatine, for coating
  • Dispersion gelatine, for preparing the dyes and sensitizers dispersion
  • Subbing gelatine, which allows coating the emulsion upon the polymer base
  • Interlayer gelatin, to avoid migration and diffusion between layers
  • Overlayer gelatin, to protect photographic emulsions against abrasion
  • Modified gelatins, to eliminate the soluble salts in excess after precipitation of silver halides


Digital imaging leads often to hard copies using ink jet technology. The Anchi gelatin allows making high ink jet paper grades by avoiding the migration of ink inside the paper base.


Beside a range of standard products for the various imaging applications, Anchi is able to customize a product for optimizing its properties, thanks to its expertise acquired over the years.

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