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How do you store gelatin

March 6, 2023

Latest company news about How do you store gelatin

All compounds for the manufacturer is to be stored, edible gelatin such compounds, in the storage process is to pay extra attention to, it has its own appropriate way, in our storage situation, for not suitable place should be given up storage. Then they went together to see how it should be stored.


Edible gelatin user manual: before use, you need to soak in cold water for several hours, which can avoid many bubbles and stiff blocks generated by the end of expansion when heating up. After expansion, heat it in isolation from water, and control the temperature of the glue below 70°C. Let it melt before it can be used. The last used up glue liquid should be stored in cold storage or natural ventilated cool place, to prevent the rubber ruan hydrolysis reaction deterioration, harm the intended effect of application.


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